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Matrix Climbmill C5x
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Matrix Climbmill C5x

Product ID: Matrix Climbmill C5x
Manufacturer: Matrix
Sale Price: £9,594.00 £7,198.80
You Save: £2,395.20
Shipping Price: £200.00

Intuitive LED console display
Compatible with iPod for charging
Integrated 3-speed personal fan
Wifi enabled for use with Asset Management System
Step position software ensures the steps will lock at the lowest possible point for the user to easily step on and off the product
10 inches step depth accommodates a wide range of users, and color variations aid the user in proper foot placement
Ergo Form™ Grips with integrated pause/stop and resistance controls to enhance comfort and make it easier to make workout changes on the fly.
Step up plate for easy accessibility
Control Zone features a sensor that stops the step rotation when triggered by an object or person
Exclusive Sweat Management System was designed to track sweat away from the user and critical components – prolonging the life of the product.
A removable cleaning tray collects the sweat and debris to keep your facility floor clean
Anti-rust design prevents corrosion, prolonging the life of the product
Rear locking and leveling castors allow easy placement within facility
Oil-free ECB modular drive system for maintenance free performance and quiet operation
Removable side access panels for easy serviceability
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