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Octane Fitness xR6000
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Octane Fitness xR6000

Product ID: Octane Fitness xR6000
Manufacturer: Octane Fitness
Price: £6,954.00
Shipping Price: £125.00
The Octane Fitness xR6000 is ideal for use in corporate fitness centres, commercial health clubs and hotel gyms. The unparalleled xRide delivers the cardiovascular, low-impact,total-body benefits of traditional standing ellipticals—all while comfortably seated. And, exercisers can use leverage from the ergonomically designed seat to gain upper- and lower-body strength-training benefits. Plus,the xRide uniquely accommodates every member and optimizes efficiency with a wide range of resistance levels,innovative workouts and the ability to work the upper and lower body alone or simultaneously.Out-performing any other seated product, the xRide requires exercisers to use 343% more glutes and benefit from burning 23% more calories compared to a recumbent bike at the same perceived exertion level.
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