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Precor Treadmill 932i
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Precor Treadmill 932i

Product ID: Precor 932i Treadmill
Manufacturer: Precor
Sale Price: £8,040.00 £5,226.00
You Save: £2,814.00
Shipping Price: £200.00
of Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT) and Ground Effects® (GFX). Built with exceptional durability, comfort and ease-of-use to meet all exercise goals.
Product Highlights:
Clear visuals and familiar layout increase program exploration, leading to greater satisfaction. Durable dome switches are tactile, responsive and easy for everyone to use.
Heart Rate Monitoring
Easy to use handgrip sensors and telemetry monitor heart rate during workouts, helping users stay in an aerobic workout zone so they can optimize fat burn and improve cardio fitness.
Integrated Footplant Technology™
The patented belt system adjusts belt velocity 100 times per second to match natural changes in foot speed, producing a smooth, rhythmic stride and reducing the jarring impact that can stress joints and cause injuries.
Ground Effects® Impact Control System
Reducing fatigue and helping users maintain even speed, the patented system combines ideal cushioning where feet land and vital stability where they push off.
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